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About Us
VALUES GLASS, is a fast growing company, located in Shanghai, China. We focus on glass & mirror industry for more than 10 years, and will continue to focus on glass / mirror industry to be more professional! Main glass / ...
Factory Tour
01 Glass loading: 02 Glass Cutting: 03: Glass grinding: 04: Glass Cleaning: 05: Glass Printing (Optional process): 07: Glass Tempering: 09: Packaging & Container loading:
Quality Control
Quality control is implemented based on ISO9001:2015, including: 1. Incoming inspection; 2. Onling quality control; 3. Finished goods inspection; 4. Outgoing inspection. Raw materials -- Level A, B, C based on cost ...
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Address : No.2, Lane 688, North Jiangju Rd, Pujiang, Minhang, Shanghai, China
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+86-21-80351298(Working time)
+86-182-01906259(Nonworking time)